V Dimension Intro

The V Dimension intro is here!

Finally it has been done, version one of the upcoming board game V Dimension. As apart of is promotion to introduce the game to the public, I put together this intro using 3D elements and dialog to explain some of the game play and design to get the feel of whats to come. So far since I had posted the video, I have been getting request to buy the game. But unfortunately the game is still in testing phase and the search for funding for production is still in effect.


If you want to know more about V Dimension and it's game play, you can visit the links below which will take you to the web site or our Facebook page. Any questions can be address to me here or to Seen Justice on the V Dimension web site for more information.

So far as I know, the stage of development is close and the anticipation for all you out there who are waiting to get their hands on a copy of this game will soon come to a close. Just keep following us as we give more updates and information on the progress and development.