UI/UX Design

Here I showcase some of my UI/UX design works and game design I did for mobile for previous companies I worked with.


Chop Chop Ninja

Developed by the company Gamerizon, I took on the roll as lead UI designer for the project. Here I not only created the assets for the UI and some of the artwork, I was also responsible for integrating the art into the game engine Unity, which was used at the time. Although some of the game flow may have changes since it was released, the overall UI I had done still exist within the game.

 If you like to check out the game, it is available for download from iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.

Click here to download this game from iTune


Dots and Boxes

Dots and boxes was a real challenge for me due to the fact that not only did I have to design all of the assets for the game, I also had to create the animation effects needed to make the game play stand out form the rest of the other generic Dots and Boxes games that existed. I decided to go with a more industrial, mechanical theme for this one, seeing that the competition didn't have any imagination when it come to re-designing generic game like this one. Each wall you put up generated a forcefield, once a box was made a globular liquid would fill up the space with the cosponsoring player color. 
The game also consisted of different board sizes for a more strategic game play. But mind you, playing agents the computer was no easy task.


Hippos & Crocs

This game was a fun project to work on, due to it's theme and style of game play. It allowed me to play with vibrant colors and cute animals that fought for territory on the marshy swamps, the Hippos and the Crocs.
Depending on which character you played, the Hippo or the Croc had cute animations of them wiggling as you manoeuvred them around the board. Once dropped they let out a big splash.


Momentum Masters

If you have ever played marbles when you were a kid, then you'll love this game.
Your goal is to knock the other players marbles off the grid board, the first person with four marble present wins the game. Not as easy as it may sound.


Coffee Masters



Hex Masters

Hex Masters was the first instalment of the Sylien Games franchise, and as a first timer to mobile game development it was a bit of a challenge.
Hex is all about laying down your Hex pieces on the board and creating a path that linked from one side to the other. You can lay your piece anywhere you want, but your goal was to connect before your opponent did.