Graphic Design

Check out some of my client work along with some personal concepts I came up with in my spare time.


TakTik Airsoft

TakTik Airsoft are a growing competitor in the Airsoft business, they asked me to design patches for their games where players are labeled according to the patch they ware. Below are some samples of the patches and more designs are under way. 

V Dimension

V Dimension is a board game that deals with the fusion of the past , present and possible future of everything that has ever existed.

Game Logo's/Microsoft App Store

Working in the past with Sylvain Rochon, I had helped in the development of the UX/UI and creative design for such games as Hex Masters, Dots And Boxes and Hippos and Crocs, just to name a few. Later I came on board once again to be apart of a group of designers who helped redesign the art work for these games to be later transferred on to the Microsoft App Store. Along with these main titles I had worked on, I was also asked to design and create the layout for the game template as well as other game logos that would also be transferred over in the same manner for the Microsoft App Store. These images only depict some of the work that was involved in this on going project.

Coin Book Collector/Travel Expences

I was referred to this client where he wanted to have a splash page for a couple of iPhone apps he was developing, the "Coin Book Collector" and the "Travel Expences" app.